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Granite comes in a variety of colors from various areas of the world. Some of the finest granite comes from the United States such as the popular Barre Grey in Vermont.   Learn more.

Heart in Mountain Rose
Heart in Mountain Rose


Memorials come in a variety of shapes and sizes and may be restricted by the cemetery. However, the size of the memorial is usually based upon the number of cemetery graves owned and it is measured by the base of the memorial.  Learn more.

Lettering Styles

Engraving or “lettering” of the stone is a time-honored craft using a sandblasting technique and can be duplicated to match almost any font style. We also are experienced in engraving Hebrew, Slavic, Japanese and other languages.  Learn more.


Beautiful carvings can be created from granite showing depth and dimension as well as the variation of color within a single piece of granite.  Learn more.

Etchings and Portraits

Etchings are permanent carvings done by a computer-generated laser machine or can be done by hand by our local artist. Etchings can include scenes and portraits that can be personalized. Ceramic or porcelain portraits can be added to a memorial to make the ultimate personalization.  Learn more.